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About Us

Ghedia.ORG is a community organisation setup to manage Niveds, Charity Events as well as provide various Functions to support the Ghedia community here in the UK

”Knowledge of who we are and where we come from is part of our identity in society but also one we should all know for ourselves. For generations to come we must be proud of who we are, our culture and tradition. We must be proud of our achievements but weary that we still have much more to achieve. Never be contempt as you will strive to do less yet yearn to want more. As Ghandi once said, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.” As a community we must grow and flourish by sewing the seeds for generations to come.”

If you have information you wish to share please post online or  email us at info@ghedia.org as there is no such thing as useless information as information is always useful in the right context.

Warm Wishes

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